Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Club Penguin Membership Generator [Latest update: January 28, 2015]

Latest Update: January 2015 *Generating Club Penguin Membership success rate is now bigger (Gets codes easier from the database)

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- Make sure you check that it is working, before you download it.

  •  Steps
  • 1. Click Download
    2. Click Regular download and complete a short survey - Complete free survey dont need to pay nothing (It takes 1-3 minutes to complete)
    3. Download will start automatically
    4. Use Generator - Enjoy 
  • What's Club Penguin Membership?  
Penguins who have Membership can dress up in various clothing, decorate their igloos, adopt more than two puffles, have more choices, more room on servers, and go to exclusive parties. The members can get clothes not only from the Gift Shop, but if they are EPF agents, then they can buy clothes from the Elite Gear. Also, if they are ninjas, they can also get ninja furniture, buy a hand gong or get one of the Ninja Costumes. The Stage also has clothes in the Costume Trunk (note: The stage changes plays, which also affect the costumes). Also, they may open their igloo to the public to have a "party." Simply, a membership results in many additional features. The main countries for membership are the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. When a player becomes a member, a "Member Badge" will appear in the upper left corner of their Player Card. Member Badges can vary according to how long you have been a member on Club Penguin.